Insurance Claims and Disputes

Dealing with insurance companies including your own can be a frustrating and draining experience to say the least. I have focused my practice on handling claims against insurance companies and Corporations. My 31 years of experience includes all types of insurance disputes, including claims against liability insurance carriers, personal injury claims, insurance bad faith, un-insured & under-insured motorist claims, long-term disability insurance claims, fire loss and other homeowner losses.

When someone finds themselves in an insurance dispute, you need a seasoned lawyer who specializes in dealing with a corporate America with all of its adjusters, professional witnesses, and corporate attorneys. I have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to get the insurance company to pay fair and just compensation.

Attorney fees can be awarded in circumstances where timely payment is not made after a proper Proof of Loss has been submitted.

If you have a claim involving an insurance dispute, consult with an attorney immediately.  There are important time limitations on your claim, which you cannot afford to miss.